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Alright everyone. How have you all been?! I know it's been A LONG TIME since there were updates on our group. But guess what? It's almost CHRISTMAS! We hope that everything has been okay with the time without updates. There was love still here, I'll tell you that much. I have a goal for you: WINTER PICTURES! And I understand that it may not be winter where you live right now, but that's the fun of seeing other worldy views!  I'll feature some MAIN on here of the best winter picture(s). Have fun with this! I look forward to go through some of the pics. We'll make a new folder JUST for this but... What should it be called?! Post comments below! As for now... enjoy some of these beautiful snow pictures.

snow by seafoodmwgMerry Christmas by Blood-Of-A-Pirate:thumb113513453:
A cold sunset by JoInnovateHot and cold by mjagiellicz
Cold by nnIKOO

*** Folder "Winter Beauty" Will now be in effect! Go nuts!

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